Family-friendly jobs are good for the business


Family-friendly jobs have much to offer, including decency and equality, promoting women’s rights, and promoting children’s health and well-being, to name just a few key benefits. But they also offer measurable benefits for business and the economy in general.

A competitive advantage
While family-friendly professions by definition meet the needs of parents, they are particularly important for women who too often have to make the strong decision to look after their children, help their families economically, and advance their families. Career.

The simplest task, family-friendly jobs for any business, is to make it more attractive, to attract, retain, support and lead employees, especially to bring them to the top of the administration. , And when companies do that, when they build gender-sensitive management teams and boards, something very interesting happens: they make it better.

Research on the benefits of gender leadership is not only convincing, it is overwhelming. When women are professionally advanced – and especially when they are more frequently represented in higher committees and leadership positions – companies benefit.

The promotion of women and the promotion of gender equality and gender equality in the workplace affects not only older women or more women on the board, though important. It is also good politics, good services, the best way to treat people and to promote human capital. And this is where Gender Leadership comes to results, as companies that better represent women in leadership positions are more likely to recognize family-friendly work policies.

Results in action
At Pax World, we have followed a family-friendly policy because we have learned more about the research and how family-friendly companies operate in the market. I am pleased to announce that our experience is in line with research. In simple terms, family friendly policies work.

Pax World offers a family and medical vacation policy that includes 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents, including maternity, paternity, adoption and placement. The holiday can be taken at any time during the child’s first year of life (or adoption or placement) and on a temporary basis so that our colleague and spouse can organize their free time. You can spend as much time as possible with your child spend. ,

Here is an interesting fact: We are a small company (49 employees) that employs approximately the same number of men and women. In recent years, 22 employees have introduced our parental leave scheme at the birth or adoption of a child – 17 men and 5 women. This is significant, as some research indicates that a man is stigmatized on parental leave, which prevents men from taking family leave, which has a deterrent effect that prevents women from taking parental leave. It is important that fathers and mothers take this vacation. I am very glad that this is the case in our company.

A father has gone on vacation four times when one of his four children is born. He is a very valuable employee. He is our IT manager. And he did not miss a beat. He is a better employee every day. Not only is he very productive, he is extremely loyal and motivated – and the fact that we support him, his wife and his family is one of the reasons he enjoys working for Pax World. He has taken this vacation four times and the company has benefited four times. I can tell you that it works.

About a year ago, I gathered people who used our parental leave and sick leave to ask for information about their experiences and whether we could do something to improve the program or experience. That makes us more faithful, they said. It makes us more productive. That makes us a better team. This gives a better morale. That’s why we like to work here. We know that this requires high-level support, and we recognize the importance of the business to our families. I was overwhelmed by his comments. It literally gives me goosebumps to remind me of this meeting.

More happy employees. Productive employees Better morale. Increased productivity. Increased profitability I can tell you from the data and research we look at every day to identify the companies in our investment portfolios, but I can also tell you what we have learned ourselves by doing and trying our own business do it. To practice what we preach, a good corporate citizen and a profitable and successful business are inextricably linked.

Healthier companies
Of course, a good corporate citizen is not the only key to a successful business. Many other factors obviously play a role. There are reasons why companies can fail and succeed. I am not naive. Family-friendly jobs and good corporate citizenship may not be sufficient, but they are necessary.

Because if you offer a good product or service in a healthy and growing sector in which you are competitive, you will be late compared to peers if you do not understand the key role of human capital and, on the contrary, become competitive. Treat your business with dignity by providing homes for your employees and their families by attracting, encouraging and encouraging women to give your business the economic benefits of a different leadership.

The research is clear and the experience of my company is clear: a family business is a healthy business, quite simply.

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