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Did you know that 61% of customers read reviews before making a purchase decision? They are essential if you operate an e-commerce website. The accumulation of a large number of 5-star ratings increases the reputation and credibility of the brand and ultimately boosts sales.

So how can you attract a large number of 5 star stars? I discussed the strategy with Ron Rudzin, CEO of Zenhaven, a luxury mattress brand with over 15,000 5-star ratings online. Here they have done what he attributes to their success in this field.

Make an interesting brand experience

A brand can no longer hide behind a website and expect customers to switch to selling. Social media is the most effective way to reach and interact with your target customers. Take a look at the most powerful brands online and I guarantee you a very active presence on social networks.

“At each touchpoint, we’ve been striving to deliver an engaging brand experience, such as very active social media pages, that have become a great place for our clients to talk with our team and with each other.” Explained Rudzin.

Offer a 24/7 customer service

Rudzin credits the success of the 24×7 customer service. “We have Account Managers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, between live chat on the website or on the phone, our customers can easily shop and get answers to their questions.” Our clients know someone at all times from Zenhaven. is available if you have questions about your mattress. ”

Although you can not offer 24-hour live support, you must have several options during business hours. Live chat is something that is so easy to implement and extremely effective. There is no reason why you should not have live chat support on your ecommerce website, including costs, as there are several cost effective options, including, which are 100% free.

Go beyond that

Zenhaven has extensive experience in supplying and installing white gloves that many competitors do not offer. According to Rudzin, customers like: “We spent a lot of time building a national infrastructure, which was sent by a qualified deliverer to build the new mattress and remove the old mattress, a comfort well received by our customers became that they do not have to lift and build up hard. ”

Find a way to provide comfort that potential customers simply can not refuse. Enthusiastic customers take the time to rate your website positively.

Facilitate the feedback of your customers

Rudzin sees Zenhaven’s customers as their most important asset. “Our customers are our biggest advocates and our brands have more than 15,000 five-star ratings, making them one of the best mattress manufacturers, and our customers often talk to potential customers and help them choose their products.” to meet and answer their questions. ”

If you want to stimulate reviews, your customers can easily go. Zenhaven has its own review page on its website where customers can post reviews and access other important websites such as Google and Yahoo. Many brands allow potential customers to read and leave reviews.

Distinguish yourself from your competitors

“Zenhaven is a unique mattress product and since it is a 100% natural, naturally cooled mattress, our product essentially sells,” says Rudzin.

Regardless of your industry, you need to find a unique selling proposition that sets your brand apart from all other options available. Once you know what it is, reinforce it with your audience. Emphasize your website and promotional emails, focus your content strategy and remind users about social media.

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